Annual Retreat at Pendle Hill

Our annual retreat at Pendle Hill had a great turnout once again.  Here we are gathered in Waysmeet to hear the orientation from Gloria Shepard who facilitated the workshop on Mindfulness.  The children’s program was led by Bernadette Smith and Ellie Shelton.  Thanks to Danielle Havelin and Pat Finley for their work coordinating this wonderful day!

(photo credit: Howard Mathues)

New carpet…

Thanks to Peggy Ramsey and Carol Strawson who met the carpet installers at the Meetinghouse today to have our new carpets installed.  The people from Empire Carpet had the job done in a few hours, and here’s what it looks like.

The Grimke Sisters; Quakers Who Made a Difference

On Sunday, January 17, at 10:00 Tim and Kristin Simmons will be leading a discussion on the life and works of Sara and Angelina Grimke as part of our continuing Forum Series, “Quakers Who Have Made a Difference.” The Grimke sisters grew up on a plantation in South Carolina in the early 1800’s, in a slave system they grew to abhor. They moved to Philadelphia and joined the Arch Street Meeting, and they were the first women to speak out in the north against the injustices of slavery from their own first hand experience. They dared to speak out in favor of women’s rights as well.

Children are welcome as this series is a joint project of our First Day School and our adult Meeting. Come and join the discussion.

Construction Begins on New Playground Equipment

Our playground installation has started! The play yard is temporarily off limits until installation is complete. The platforms are unstable until the posts are set in concrete. Sliding boards, ladders, and steps remain to be added. A cushioned surface will go under the play structure. Two benches are planned, as well as installation of the parallel bars. Hopefully everything will be ready in another week or two!

Initial installation of new playground has begun

Community Garden wins First Place!

The Friends Community Garden has taken first place for the community vegetable garden category in the Penn State Cooperative Extension of Delaware County garden contest.

Michele Taylor, one of our FCG committee members, had submitted our garden for this contest on behalf of the FCG committee a few months ago.

In notifying us of our first place, Penn State wrote:

“…you had an amazing use of the space with lots of interesting small plots and vegetable varieties. We applaud all your efforts with the community there.”


The award will be presented at a luncheon Sept. 26.

Thanks to all of our gardeners for helping to make our garden so special. This award goes to everyone who plants, weeds, harvests, mows, cleans up debris, etc. despite record breaking heat and drought conditions.

Our garden is certainly a team effort! Keep up the good work!


Bonnie McMeans

Pat Clark speaks about Truth and Reconciliation

Pat Clark (left) and Lyn Back (right)
Lyn Back (right) introduced Pat Clark (left), who was formerly with American Friends Service Committee, and recently served on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission to examine the events around the massacre in Greensboro NC in 1979. She visited Old Haverford on March 8th to give an account of the healing process that resulted from the Commission’s work 25 years after that incident, and to provide some perspective on how we can move forward from where we are, with respect to racism in our communities and our country.

235 E. Eagle Rd. Havertown PA