Quakers have no paid ministers and so the business of the Meeting is carried out by committees. This page introduces the committees and describes their function. Eventually we hope to have a page for each committee.

Supports families when there is a death and assists them with arranging and conducting a memorial service and internment if they so choose.
Burial Ground
Manages the burial ground, assisting in the selection of plots, working with funeral directors, and keeping the records of burials and plot reservations.
Community Garden
Manages the portion of the burial ground that has been set aside as a community garden, working with gardeners to assign garden plots, set forth gardening rules, and foster community.
Yearly & Quarterly Meeting
Attend Continuing and Called Sessions of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting and Haverford Quarterly Meeting to provide liaison between our Monthly Meeting and our wider Faith Community.  Note that anyone should feel welcome and encouraged to attend these sessions, but this committee ensures we are generally represented and can report to us during Monthly Meeting.
Identifies persons willing to serve on these committees, and also to fill the positions of clerk and recording clerk, to conduct our monthly Meetings for Business.
Reaches out into our wider community by sponsoring events, such as our coffeehouse, and also by representing us at Haverford Township Day and the Haverford Heritage Festival.
Care and Counsel
Cares for our Meeting community by assisting individuals and families with their issues and concerns.
Works to promote peace and justice in our local community and in the wider world.
Religious Education
Provides a Sunday School program to nurture our young people with Godly Play and lessons drawn from the Old and New Testaments and various Quaker texts, as well as a forum program to engage adults.
Works to maintain the property of the Meeting, including upkeep of the buildings and grounds, and provides management of the Meeting’s finances.
Worship & Ministry
Charged with nurturing the spiritual well being of the Meeting community, this committee works with the others to guide us toward the Light.

If you would be interested in learning more about any of these committees or in participating, ask for a Committee Roster at meeting and let the nominating committee know of your interest.

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